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How Dockline Works

Connect: Download the Dockline app, sign up and help your real estate clients list their private docks.
Engage: Boaters discover your clients’ private docks through our platform and reserve them.
Profit: Earn up to 50% commission from dock listings of your clients’ properties.
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A Real Competitive Advantage


Finally! A competitive edge at getting new listings exists with Dockline. Dockline offers a unique opportunity for waterfront brokers like you to establish a competitive edge and maximize your earning potential.

Imagine stepping into a pitch armed with a unique proposition that sets you apart from the competition. With Dockline, you can offer prospective sellers immediate additional revenue while their property awaits its optimal pricing, alleviating concerns about carrying costs and operational expenses.

Boost Your Revenue


With Dockline, real estate brokers stand to earn an impressive 50% of dock listing revenue from clients who have private docks behind their homes.

But it's more than just the commission - it’s about forging lasting connections with clients, leveraging existing relationships to tap into new markets and creating a steady revenue stream in between sales cycles.

Our model allows brokers to transform dormant connections into a long enduring revenue stream after the property is sold.

Why Dockline?

  • Expand Your Portfolio
    Diversify your offerings and expand your portfolio by partnering with Dockline. Redefine your success in real estate brokerage by creating revenue for your clients that no one else can. The possibilities are limitless, and the rewards are boundless.
  • Reconnect With Clients
    Dockline provides a platform for waterfront brokers to reconnect with old clients and forge new relationships within the boating community. Strengthen your network and leverage our innovative technology to enhance your client connections.
  • Unlock Additional Revenue Streams
    Help homeowners list their private dock space on the Dockline app and earn 50% commission per booking. By partnering with Dockline, you can tap into a lucrative revenue stream while providing valuable services to your clients.
Discover how partnering with Dockline can revolutionize your business and elevate your status in the waterfront property market. Sign up now to expand your portfolio, reconnect with clients, and boost your revenue.
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